15 Best NameMesh Alternatives

Have you been thinking of starting a new company, blog, or website? If so, you should realize that it's crucial to pick the correct domain name. According to BusinessWire, there are currently over 363 million registered domain names.

Because there are so many domains, your preferred domain name may already be in use. Trying to think of something completely fresh might be challenging. NameMesh and similar resources exist so that you may quickly and easily locate an appropriate domain name. You need to conduct a basic keyword search.

For unknown reasons, the NameMesh website is now unavailable.

Of course, you may always look at alternative domain name generators. We've compiled a list of 15 suitable substitutes for NameMesh.

Best NameMesh Alternatives

1. NameQL

NameMesh Alternatives


To help you choose a memorable domain name, NameQL is a free and easy alternative to NameMesh. The system quickly sorts through thousands of.com domains and displays the top results based on your query, all in a matter of moments. Any word or phrase can be used as a search term in NameQL.

The software provides rapid suggestions as you type. Unobtainable domains will be denoted on the list by being stricken through. As an example, if you type "Facebook" into a search engine, the already-reserved domain name Facebook.com will come up in the results.

You may turn the page by clicking the forward arrow on the right side of the screen. When you are through with the current strategy, click the left-hand back arrow to return to the previous one. When you discover a domain name you like, click on it to open it in a new window.

You may decide whether to buy the domain right away or put it in a "Save for Later" list. To complete a purchase, you will be sent to the BlueHost site, as this is an associate of BlueHost. After saving, the domains will always be accessible via the Saved menu option.

2.  Name|Grep

NameMesh Alternatives

DigitalOcean provides hosting for Name|Grep. If anonymity is important to you, this is the best option to NameMesh. Any data you provide to Name|Grep will be kept strictly confidential. Not only that, but the technology can also produce very precise domain names.

There may be a small selection of available domain names once you enter your preferred term. The filters allow you to choose a certain TLD and specify the domain length. Name|Grep currently supports the.com,.net,.org,.co, and.up Top-Level Domains.

In addition, there are high-tech filters available. You may limit your domain search to names that contain just consonants, vowels, phonetics, constellations, planets, zodiac signs, nations, technologies, or specific cities.

Sets, which are collections of like objects, can be used to jumpstart a search for your domain name. The time spent on creating new domains is greatly reduced as a result of this. Any domain may be added to your watchlist with a single click. For the time being, I'll put this aside.

Select the desired TLD by clicking on it, then proceed with the domain purchase. You'll be taken to a domain seller's website from here on out.


3. One Word Domains

NameMesh Alternatives

It's a great alternative to NameMesh if you just need a one-word domain. It is common knowledge that one-word domains make excellent brands. To help you find the perfect one-word domain, the platform employs machine learning and customizable criteria.

More than 1,370,000 domains in 90 different top-level domain extensions may be found in One Word Domains' database. Most one-word.com domains have already been registered, however there are still plenty of domains with other top-level extensions (TLDs) available. However,.com domains are still available.

Simply type your query into the platform's top search box to get started. You'll be provided with a list of all possible keyword TLDs. Relevant term clicking will bring up further domains that are somewhat related. If you want to buy a domain name from Namecheap, you may do so by clicking the Buy Now button next to its entry in the domain list.

One Word Domains is not gratis like NameMesh. The free version only lets you browse a small selection of available domains. In order to access the complete content, a paid subscription is required. The various rates comprise:

Monthly a la carte pricing starts at $9
Cost of a Monthly Meal Plan is $29
Plan that includes everything: $49 a month
If you pay for your plan annually, you may save 60% off the monthly rate.

4. SiteDomainer

Best NameMesh Alternatives

SiteDonainer is not just a domain name generator, but also a great tool for coming up with creative company names. Names for your business, startup, corporation, software, blog, website, or other endeavor might be generated anyway. It is a great alternative to NameMesh for finding catchy brand names.

To put it simply, it's a breeze to use. Just type in your search term, tweak the filter settings to your liking, and then hit the Create Names button. Setting the correct criteria is the key to discovering the ideal domain name or company name.

Business/Industry is the first possible route. You have the option of specifying the industry yourself, or letting the program figure it out based on the query.

The next step is to configure the TLD. SiteDomainer supports the vast majority of top-level domain extensions (TLDs), with the most common ones (.com,.io,.co,.org,.net, and.app) appearing first. In order to proceed, Fusion Logic must be configured.

Fusion AI is suggested, however you may also just set your term to appear at the front or end of the results.

At last, you decide on a registrar from whom to purchase the domain. SiteDomainer is a partner of NameSilo. When you're ready, select the Make New Names tab.

A list of accessible domains is displayed in a matter of seconds, with a dedicated area for each individual domain name. Once you've located a domain name you like, choose the Get It Now button to make your purchase.

5. NameBounce


NameBounce is a quick and easy way to generate fresh ideas for your company or domain name. Since its 2009 debut, the domain generator website has attracted visitors from about 200 nations.

Simply input a term, choose a domain extension, and click Go, like with most NameBounce substitutes. Domains may be sorted by length and number of syllables directly from the results page. You may also choose where in the domain name your keyword appears (beginning or finish).

With NameBounce, you have access to a virtually infinite pool of domain names. If you see a name you like and want to buy it, just click on it and you'll be sent to the Domain.com purchase page. Naming platform NameBounce lacks a bookmarking function that would allow users to save domains for later use.

The basic version of NameBounce is available for no cost, but if you require more features, you may upgrade to the premium The Business Naming Tool Kit version. Teachable.com offers this Plus upgrade for $47 USD. However, you can acquire it today for only $27 USD, which is a significant bargain.

NameBounce's other unique tools, such as the YouTube Name Generator, Blog Name Generator, and Startup Name Generator are remain available to you even after you've registered a domain name.


6. Namelix


Namelix is a service that helps you come up with memorable, short domain names and company names. Aside from saving the names for future suggestions, you can also filter the results to find the best.

Go to Namelix's webpage, type in your desired domain term, then hit the Generate button. Choose between a short (3-6 letters), medium (6-12 letters), or long (12+ letters) domain name on the next page.

The next step is to settle on a particular format for the name. Brandable names, complex words, non-English words, misspelled words, genuine words, rhyming words, and names of actual people are all viable options. Of course, our NameMesh replacement offers a wide variety of customization choices.

After one more click on the Generate button, the page with the results will load. The outcomes are primarily visual, such as logos.

Any picture click will reveal the domain's availability and registration cost. If you want to remember someone's name for later, just click the heart button.

BrandBucket and Namecheap are only two of the many domain name registrars that Namelix integrates with. Any one of them should be able to help you purchase a domain with little effort.


7. Looka

NameMesh Looka is a great substitute for NameMesh when you need a domain name for a company. Using this artificial intelligence-driven application, you can easily develop brand names that meet a variety of criteria. Naming your company after an industry or an abstract concept are two common approaches.

The site makes it simple to navigate to any of the featured industries or nebulous concepts. If that's not the case, then type some keywords into the box. You may use commas to separate several keywords while using Looka.

It's also up to you to decide how many letters (or more) should be included in the name. Create a company name on the fly with Looka. Below the search field, when you enter your terms and choose a desired word length, you will see your search results immediately.

A useful alternative to NameMesh, Looka provides information. If you want to see how popular a company name is, you may check its search volume by clicking on any domain name.

There is also the option to check domain availability. If you enter a company name into Looka, it will return a list of all the possible domain extensions. Domain.com makes it easy to buy the domain with only a single click.

As an added bonus, you can also look into the name's web reputation, social media availability, and availability of alternative domains.


8. DeepNamer

DeepnNamer was made to reduce the time spent coming up with a domain name or company name. Simply use a term to define your desired domain, and the AI will provide many possible matches.

After narrowing down your options, you can either buy the domain name or report the findings to your team. It's possible to filter search results based on whether they end in.com or some other top-level domain.

Different from NameMesh, this tool's live sorting functionality stands out. Real-time sorting lets you quickly arrange results according to several criteria, such as length (from shortest to longest) or quality (from best to worst).

Popular domains can be shared via social media, microblogging platforms, and email. The URL can be copied as well. You may also export the whole set of results or only the domains you've chosen.

If you're just starting off, the free version of DeepNamer offers a lot of value. But if you don't feel like looking, you can just buy a premium domain name from DeepNamer. You may find the perfect domain name by using the premium domain page's search filters, which include keyword searching, domain extension (TLD) narrowing, category filtering, and price tiering.


9. InkForAll

One of the greatest domain name generators is available on InkForAll, a prominent SEO site. Without any effort on your part, InkForAll will come up with perfect domain names using AI. As an alternative to NameMesh, this platform operates in a unique way.

InkForAll goes beyond a simple keyword search. There must be at least 35 characters in your description of your company.

You'll need to sign up for an account before you can start using this NameMesh replacement. Registering using your existing Google or Facebook account is quick and simple.

Simply describe your company, then click "create," and the AI will come up with suggestions. Domains may be purchased independently of a third party registrar through InkForAll. The domain name is all that can be replicated. Domain names that you like can be bookmarked.

Five domain name searches are included in InkForAll's free tier. Premium options are offered for those who want everything. Here's what's on tap:

Price of InkForAll Pro, Monthly: $35
The monthly cost of InkForAll Pro Unlimited is $99.
If you sign up for an annual plan, you'll get the first two months for free.


10. NameKrea

NameKrea utilizes AI to come up with unique domain names that are also search engine optimized. There is a free alternative to NameMesh that has been developed by a team of experts in data science, machine learning, and online advertising. Using NameKrea is easy; all you need to do is provide at least two keywords that best define the ideal domain name you've been thinking of.

In less than two seconds, the domain generator loads its output set of five domain names. If you choose, you may generate the following five domains by clicking the Generate More button. The potential to produce additional resources is infinite.

NameKrea is a business naming tool that can also produce a custom header. Therefore, our NameMesh replacement serves a dual purpose.

Your website's visibility and traffic will increase with a domain name and title that are search engine optimized. You may either copy the domain name and heading from the search results or use one of the domain registrars like Namesilo, Namecheap, or Domain.com to buy the domain.


11. Namecheap Beast Mode


In terms of domain registrations, Namecheap is among the leaders. When clicking on the links for the NameMesh alternatives in this post, you will most likely be sent to Namecheap to complete your domain registration. You may find game-changing domains using Namecheap's Beast Mode.

Namecheap's Beast Mode stands out for being user-friendly and straightforward, especially on mobile devices. Simply type in your keywords (you may add as many as you like) and select the appropriate TLD. Because of Beast Mode's global reach, it offers virtually every top-level domain (TLD).

Use Domain Hacks, Drop Last Vowel, Pluralize Nouns, Show Premium, and other similar choices can be used to further refine your search. When you're ready, hit the Generate button to see the completed domain list.

By using Domain Hacks, you may acquire creative domain names that play off of your business's name. Namecheap's Beast Mode makes it simple to uncover relevant domain name variations, and the platform's Collaboration Mode makes it simple to share those variations with others.

Any domain you want that appears in the search results may be added to your basket and paid for immediately. In most cases, the more costly domains will appear first on the list.


12. Domain Scout


Domain Scout is ranked 12th. Domain Scout has more features than any comparable tool, including NameMesh. Domain hacking, domain monitoring, keyword spinning, and expired domain searches are just a few examples.

As soon as you sign up with Domain Scout, you may begin using it without spending a dime. Even if you have no idea what keywords you want, you may still begin the domain generation process. You may create whole new term combinations with the help of the Keyword Spinner.

Given that hundreds of domains, even high-end ones, expire every day, the ability to search for those that have already expired is a huge time saver. Domain Scout tracks names that have expired across many platforms, allowing you to easily sift through them to identify the perfect domain name for your company.

Choose the name's length and extension, then hit the Generate button to utilize the domain name generator. The software can create random, keyword-optimized domains. GoDaddy, Namecheap, Domain.com, Name.com, and many more provide direct domain registration.

Domain monitoring, detailed domain statistics, and access to Moz Data are not available on the free plan of Domain Scout. You may not require such complex options. If you find them helpful, though, the professional plan will cost you $12.95 each month.


13. Namefruits


Namefruits claims to be a brainy monicker maker for websites. This alternative to NameMesh can help you come up with the perfect name for your company or startup. In light of the fact that it may have taken up to ten years to develop, namefruits has gained notoriety.

It's simple to get started with the platform. You will be asked a series of questions about your organization or business in order to get your preferred domain. If you want the greatest outcomes, your answers to these questions are crucial.

In roughly 15 minutes, Namefruits will return search results for your desired name. A full hour may be needed to achieve the best possible outcomes. When you use Namefruits, you get more than simply a domain name.

You'll get a Namefruits certificate in addition to a detailed history of your domain, a quality check, and helpful advice for the future. With this certificate in hand, you have permission to implement Namefruits' recommendations.

When looking for a free alternative to NameMesh, you won't find one in Namefruits. The free trial period is strictly limited to testing purposes. After that, you'll need to make a purchase to keep using it. If you don't subscribe, you won't receive updates. All we ask for is a one-time payment. The price tag for this instrument is $99.


14. Nameboy


Nameboy includes a brand name generator, a business name generator, a blog name generator, and a startup name generator. There are several NameMesh alternatives available, and you may choose one that best suits your needs.

This is a classic and widely used online name generator. Just type in what you're looking for, and up pop the results. The recommended TLD is the most noticeable option. The list under it contains other domain extensions.

There appears to be no end in sight to the number of possible fields. To view further choices for baby names, simply choose Show More Results. The list may be sorted so that the desired item can be quickly located.

Using Nameboy, you may quickly and easily access the Whois details of any domain you want. Make an offer even if the premium domain you want to register is already taken. Domain.com is the go-to place to purchase such high-quality domain names.

But if the name is open for registration, you can purchase it through BlueHost by clicking the Buy button.


15. NameSnack


NameSnack is the final option on this list of great NameMesh substitutes. It's an easy-to-use business name maker that combines artificial intelligence with various naming methods for top outcomes.

NameSnack.com has aided over a thousand companies in finding the perfect company name.

On the homepage, type in a keyword and hit the Generate button. Then, select your field of work and hit Generate one again. It won't cost you a dime to use NameSnack to look for a domain name or run a keyword search.

There are two primary domain extensions included in NameSnack's search results:.com and.co.uk. Browse the list of results until you choose a domain name that sounds right for your company.

There are two options available from the search results page: either click the domain link or choose Create A Logo. If you go to the domain website, you'll have to shell out some cash. In every other case, you may just use the pre-made company name that appears when you click the Create A Logo button.

Bottom Line

A website's domain is its online identity. Finding the proper domain name may help your business and website stand out from the more than 300 million already in existence.

Here are 15 great alternatives to NameMesh that can help you come up with memorable domain names for your company.